Our Staff

  • Principal: Mr G Bulman
  • Deputy Headteacher: Mrs R Jackson
  • Bursar: Mrs P Millward
  • Office Manager: Mrs A Morris
  • Assistant School Business Manager: Ms A Kenny
  • Site Manager: Mr G McCoy
  • Reception: Mrs E Woollacott, Mrs S Bailey and Mrs K Hough (teachers), Mrs J Buckley and Miss N Craddock (teaching assistants) 
  • Year 1: Miss H Anwar (teacher), Mrs C Hitchen, Mrs S Kushtar and Mrs J Buckley (teaching assistants)
  • Year 2: Mr M Burns (teacher), Mrs M Cullen and Miss L Coletrup (teaching assistants)
  • Year 3: Miss K Manton (teacher), Mrs H Luhar and Miss N Craddock (teaching assistants)
  • Year 4: Miss H Ashbrook (teacher), Miss L Coletrup, Mr M Nightingale and Mrs S Khan (teaching assistants)
  • Year 5: Mr R Cummings (teacher) and Mr M Nightingale (teaching assistant)
  • Year 6: Mrs K Pegum (teacher)
  • Learning Mentor: Miss K Fleming
  • Lunchtime Supervisor: Ms Y Ward
  • Piano Teacher: Ms D Gregory
  • Wraparound Care Manager: Mrs L Thompson
  • Wraparound Care Assistant: Mrs R Uddin
  • Kitchen Staff: Taylor Shaw Catering
  • Site Staff: Elite Cleaning Services and Marpol Security

Site Translation

We have moved into our wonderful new school!