New Islington Free School Pupil Premium Expenditure

New Islington Free School receives a Pupil Premium Grant for each child who is entitled to receive Free School Meals or who has been entitled over the last five years, and for any Looked After Children.

We are required to publish online information about how we have used the premium.

​New Islington Free School's Pupil Premium Grant for 2013-14 was £17,100. This was used to part-fund our learning mentor, and to subsidise music lessons, school trips and uniforms for those pupil in receipt of the premium. We are due to receive a grant of £21,600 for 2014-15, which will be allocated in the same way.

Analysis of 2013-14 and 2014-15 progress data shows that the Pupil Premium had an impact on accelerating the progress of pupils entitled to this funding in Reading, Writing and Maths.

In Key Stages 1 and 2 overall, during 2013-14, the pupils in receipt of this funding achieved at the same level as other pupils in Reading, and higher than others in Writing (making an average of 5 APS progress compared
to 4.7 APS). In EYFS, pupil premium funding helped the 3 pupils receiving it to make accelerated progress in Maths
following additional, targeted intervention (making 5.7 sub age bands progress in Number, and 6.0 in SSM; other pupils progressed 5.5 and 5.6 sub age bands respectively.

Fischer Family Trust (FFT) Wave 3 assessment data (at start and at subsequent assessment points of programme) shows that the 5 pupils accessing this intervention for whom the school receives pupil premium funding have made an average of 31 percentage points increase in their understanding of concepts related to print. Their rate of
progression through the reading book bands, and their ability to recognise words on sight, have increased. They are
also now able to spell a far greater number of words.

Of the five Year 2 pupils for whom the school receives Pupil Premium funding, 3 attended Word Wizards and 2 attended Mathemagicians. Parental feedback has been excellent, and these interventions have had a very positive impact on progress and confidence.

New Islington Free School Sport Premium Expenditure

At New Islington, we use our Sports and PE grant to fund a daily lunchtime sports coach in the playground to organise a range of games and activities for our children. Some of our after school sports clubs are also funded using this grant.

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