School Uniform

We have a school uniform, some of which is available from school. Please contact us for further details.

  • Grey pinafore dress/skirt
  • Classic cut grey trousers
  • Summer dress in red/white check
  • Grey pullover/slipover/cardigan embroidered with the school logo (available from school)
  • Short sleeved red polo shirt embroidered with the school logo (available from school)
  • Grey tights
  • Grey socks (white alternative for girls)
  • Brown or black shoes (not trainers)
  • A warm outdoor coat (embroidered waterproof coats are available from school)
  • An apron or cut down shirt for art activities
  • Jewellery is not permitted at school. Stud earrings and watches are allowed and must be removed during PE lessons.

A book bag is issued to all children on joining the school.

Please ensure all items are named and, if lost, we will endeavour to return them to their owner!

PE Uniform (to be kept in a drawstring bag on cloakroom peg)


  • Plain white T–shirt
  • Black shorts


  • Plain white T–shirt
  • Black shorts
  • Black or white trainers (please ensure the sole has sufficient grip)
  • Plain tracksuit top and bottoms


Children should wear swimming costumes which are not loose fitting. Children with long hair should wear a swimming cap. Our swimming coach requests that goggles are not worn unless there is a medical need.

Uniform Supplier

You can purchase your child's school uniform online via

To access the New Islington Free School uniform site, you are required to enter the password Jerseystreet1

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