General Information

Collection from school

At the end of each day, children not attending our Wraparound Care provision must be collected by an agreed adult (aged over 16) at 3:25 for Reception to Year 2 classes or 3:30 for Year 3 to Year 6 classes.

If someone else is to collect your child on your behalf, the school must be informed of this or we will not allow the child to be collected, even if the adult is known to us (for example, the parent of another child). 

As part of the transition process for high school, some families choose to allow their child to walk to and/or from school by themselves or with friends.  If you plan to do this, school must be informed in writing and the pupil must tell their class teacher or teaching assistant at dismissal time (3:30) that they are leaving school.


If a child requires medication but is well enough to attend school, parents/carers should bring the medicine, clearly labelled with the child’s name and class, to the school office.  Consent forms must be fully completed before medication can be administered at school.

Medicines which are to be given three times per day need not be brought to school since they may be administered before school, after school and before bedtime. Medicines to be given four times per day may be brought to school for a midday dose to be given.

Asthma medication should be given to the teacher for safe, accessible storage. The Principal and class teacher should always be informed when a child has asthma and/or needs to have an inhaler in school to enable an appropriate level of care.

Mobile phones and cameras

Children who travel unaccompanied to and from school may carry a phone in case of emergency but, once in school, these must stay in their school bag. School has no facilities for storage and can take no responsibility for loss or damage. Any phone brought to school by pupils must not have a camera or internet access - this prevents any possible misuse of images and also tends to limit the value of the phone.  Watches which contain cameras are not permitted in school.

Filming and photography in school

Please note that the general use of any film or recording equipment (for example, cameras, mobile phones, video cameras, etc) is not allowed in school without permission. Events open to families (for example sports days, concerts) may be recorded for personal, family use only. Any images or video must not be shared or uploaded to any public domain or social networking site.

Complaints procedure

The school hopes that its working partnership with parents means that the natural anxiety that all parents feel about their children’s schooling can be discussed and resolved before it turns into a complaint.  If, however, you do wish to make a complaint, guidance can be found in our Complaints Procedure, which is available for download on the Policies page of this website.

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