Year 3

This half term, our topic is ‘The Nature of Life’.

From frogspawn to frogs, from caterpillars to butterflies and from seeds to plants, all living things grow and change, feed and reproduce.  But how does life begin for living things and what effect does the environment have?  The Year 3 classes are considering these questions, as well as investigating adaptations and groupings of living things.

In Maths we are looking at lines, turns, place value, calculations with three-digit numbers, and fractions. In English we are working on the old English story of ‘Beowulf’ and using it as an inspiration for creative writing.

PE lessons take place on Wednesdays and Fridays – please remember to send your child to school with the appropriate kit.

To aid your child’s learning, here’s what you can do at home to help:

English - Encourage your child to read daily.  Reading even just a few pages each day can have a huge cumulative effect on vocabulary, writing, grammar and overall attainment.

Maths - Practice times tables and number bonds.  Children at the end of Year 3 are expected to know the 3, 4, and 8 times tables (in addition to the 2, 5, and 10 times tables from Year 2).

Topic – Encourage your child’s interest and curiosity in nature and life cycles by looking at the different stages of life for animals and plants.  You could also help them to grow their own plant and take responsibility for its wellbeing and growth.  Any changes in growth or shape can be recorded.

Please ensure that your child takes responsibility for the weekly completion of homework.

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