Year 3


This term, Year 3 are learning all about the Ancient Egyptians, with our IPC topic 'Temples, Tombs and Treasures'.

After carrying out a very exciting entry point within the immersive space, including exploring a tomb and cracking a hieroglyphic code, we then used the computers and iPads to carry out some research, consolidating the information that we already knew and collating some questions that we would like to find out the answers to using a website called Padlet.  We then used the following link to create a hieroglyphic cartouche for our own names:

y3.13     y3.11     y3.7 

Throughout the duration of this topic, we are comparing life in ancient Egyptian times with life in modern day Egypt, creating a timeline to show key periods within ancient Egypt, researching famous Pharaohs and creating our own papyrus paper and tomb paintings.

In English, we are looking at the work of the significant children's author, Roald Dahl, focusing particularly on The BFG. We are currently preparing to write a creative piece to describe an adventurous dream we would like to have.

In Maths, we are learning how to calculate with fractions (fifths and sevenths), beginning to recognise an angle as a turn, interpreting implicit and explicit data from a table, bar chart and pictogram, developing useful methods to solve two-digit multiplication problems and, of course, lots of problem solving.

The children now have Duolingo accounts to help them develop their language skills (  Their logins can be used at home for further language development.

Ways to help your child at home

  • Read as much as you can with your child – every day if possible! Ask questions to help develop your child’s comprehension, inference and deduction skills. Here you can find some useful questions that you could consider asking your child about their reading book:
  • Practise times tables. 'Hit the Button' is a useful online game that we have been playing. Here’s the link:
  • Provide opportunities for your child to carry out real life Maths, be it counting amounts of money, working out how much change is required, telling the time (both analogue and digital), reading TV timetables, measuring ingredients in the kitchen etc. Please refer to the homework booklet provided for further ideas on supporting your child with their Maths work at home.

General class information

Reading books:  Children will have many opportunities throughout the week to change their school reading book. Book choices will be closely matched to their progress on our Accelerated Reader programme.

Homework:  English and Maths homework will be sent home every Friday, due in the following Tuesday unless stated otherwise. Children are responsible for ensuring that they take home and hand in their homework on time.

Year 3 spellings:  Here is a link to the spelling appendix of the English National Curriculum:  Within the Year 3/4 section, you can find the list of words that children are expected to be able to spell accurately by the end of Year 4.  Any practice of these spellings at home would be hugely beneficial for your child.

PE: Please ensure your child has a suitable PE kit in school every Tuesday and Thursday. PE kits should be taken home regularly to be washed.

Healthy snacks:  Children are permitted to bring a snack for morning break. We encourage them to make healthy choices and suggest bringing in fruit or other snacks such as raisins or low sugar cereal bars.

Assemblies: Each day at school the children will meet together for an assembly. On Friday afternoons we have a Celebration Assembly when we share the children’s celebrations or special work. Parents are invited to this assembly at 2.45pm. Two children are chosen each week to receive a certificate. If your child is selected, you will be notified of this on the Thursday, in case you are able to attend.

Click on 'School Information' above for detailed information about the Year 3 curriculum.

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