Year 1

Our topic for this half term is ‘Holiday’, which focuses on Art, History, Geography, Music, Physical Education, Technology, Science and International.

In Art, we’re finding out:

  • about some of the pictures that are used to record holidays
  • how we can record our holidays
  • about the designs of some holiday souvenirs

In Society, we're finding out:

  • how to stay safe on holiday
  • what a pilgrimage is

In Geography, we're finding out:

  • about the places people go to on holiday
  • how they get to their holiday destination
  • some of the things people do on holiday
  • what people wear on holiday
  • how tourism can spoil holiday places

In History, we're finding out:

  • about the holidays that we have had in our own past
  • about the holidays that our families and other people have had in the past
  • what is the same and what is different between holidays in the past and today
  • about some of the wonders of the world

In International, we're finding out:

  • what is the same and what is different between the lives and home countries of the different children in our class
  • how to say ‘hello’ in another language
  • about future holidays in space

In ICT, we're finding out:

  • how to use mapping software
  • how to use ICT to present information
  • how to work with text and images
  • how to copy and paste text
  • how to enter, save, retrieve and revise information.

In RE, we're finding out:

  • some ways in which Hindus celebrate Diwali
  • how light is used in the Jewish festival of Hannukah
  • that light is important in many religions.

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