Year 6

Here in Year 6, we've made a great start to the academic year, plunging into a set of new and exciting topics.  

This half term in English we are focusing on Roald Dahl's classic tale The Witches.  We've already brainstormed some ideas about what we think of witches and we look forward to seeing how these compare with the characters in his story.

In Maths we are strengthening our understanding of place value to ensure that we have a really firm foundation to build on. We are working cooperatively to solve problems involving rounding and working with negative numbers.  We're looking forward to then working with the four mathematical operations to really challenge ourselves.

Our IPC topic for this half term is Extreme Survivors and we began by taking a class trip to Antarctica!

In fact we used the school's Immersive Space to create the atmosphere of a frozen wasteland and this inspired us to write a class poem about our feelings there.  Since then we've moved to the sweltering heat of the Sahara and have made our own cactus garden to learn more about these tenacious plants. We can't wait to discover more about how different forms of life adapt to the harshest habitats on the planet.  We'll keep you updated about our adventures!

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