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Welcome to the Year 6 web page! Miss Law and Mrs Fairs are excited to introduce this term's topic 'Making The News' which is all about investigating news from around the world and throughout history.

Join us as we:

  • Discuss different types of news and why some news is more widely reported than other news.
  • Research and report on the way news was communicated in the past.
  • Compare and contrast news stories in terms of content, language, structure and layout.
  • Analyse the use of photographs in news publications and their impact on the reader.
  • Research, write, perform (and film) our own news report.
  • Write our own review of a performance.
  • Take on different roles to report on a school event.

Linking closely with our English and guided reading, and in preparation for the National Curriculum assessments, we are looking at news events from the past from a grammatical point of view.  We're also writing and performing our own compositions in preparation for writing our own music reviews.  Our work includes writing persuasive letters to a fashion editor about the type of images used in magazines, and writing a balanced discussion text and holding a debate to put forward arguments for and against celebrities' entitlement to privacy.

Should you wish to find out more about our topic at home, here are some useful websites:

y6In Maths Makes Sense 6, we been working our socks off! Take a look at what we’re doing now...

Arithmetic 1: number lines

Okay, so this sounds like a small thing, but try to think of all of the places you see a number line in life: measuring scales, rulers, analogue clocks, speedometers, petrol gauges… the list goes on.

Arithmetic 2: percentages

Finding them, using them, understanding them.

Geometry: translation, rotation, reflection

Moving shapes around – this is easy peesy, but also oh so open to silly mistakes. The trick with all three of these is to work slowly, accurately and one vertex (corner) at a time.

Data & Measure: ratio and conversion

Increasing and decreasing in proportion, scaling, converting between units of measure.

Reasoning: probability

This one is fun! Through practical activities and games, we're exploring chance and probability and learning some different ways to write it.

Daily Practice: Things we can already do, but want to become more confident with or push further. This half term, we’re focusing on logic puzzles, formal arithmetic methods, algebra, units of measure and division involving fractions.

Learning at Homey6.2

There are a few things we’re learning that can be easily learnt, practised and reinforced at home. This is the one I’d like you to focus on please: units of measure. It just takes loads of repeated practice and it's basically ratio.

Job number 1: learn how many mm in a cm, cm in a m, m in a km

Job number 2: practise swapping between them. You can do that using ratio:

  • 1km : 1000m : 10 000cm : 100 000mm
  • 10mm : 1cm : 0.1dm : 0.01m
  • Tip: think about multiplying and dividing by 10, 100, 1000
  • Tip: the same prefixes work for litres and grams too

Job number 3: repeat for imperial. Be VERY careful – these are not the same in the UK and America. If you are looking online, make sure you use the term imperial

  • 12 inches = 1 foot
  • 3 feet = 1 yard
  • 1760 yards = 1 mile

Always remember: use what you know to find out what you don’t, even if you don’t think you can solve the whole problem.

Keep up the hard work!

Class Information:

Every day:  Please ensure you bring your reading book and spellings to and from school.  Spellings are practiced daily and tested once a week.

Tuesdays:  Piano lessons.

Wednesdays:  PE lessons.  Homework due in.

Thursdays:  PE lessons.

Fridays:  Homework sent home.  Celebration Assembly.

Click on 'School Information' above for detailed information about the Year 6 curriculum.

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