Year 4

Scavengers & Settlersy4

Humans are special. Unlike other animals, we can adapt and learn new skills in order to survive, which is exactly what our ancestors did in the Stone, Bronze and Iron Ages.

In History, we're finding out:

  • What was left behind and how we can evaluate and learn from it
  • What our earliest ancestors might have looked like
  • How our ancestors were able to survive
  • How to use archaeological evidence to find out about a prehistoric hunter
  • Where our ancestors settled and how they lived
  • How we can learn about the past by investigating a Stone Age village
  • What life was like during the Bronze Age and Iron Ages

In Art, we're finding out:y4.2

  • How to create our own prehistoric cave paintings
  • How to make and decorate pottery, based on one of the periods we have explored

In Technology we're finding out:

  • About the types of foods that the first farmers would have grown
  • How we can update the dishes that the early settlers may have eaten

In International, we're finding out:

  • How we can work together to learn new skills and achieve our goals

In Society, we're considering:

  • What makes a community
  • How we can be part of a successful community


Friends, Romans, Countrymen…we present to you, William Shakespeare’s The Tempest!

Yes, this term, our Year 4 thespians are looking at some Elizabethan English, finding out where some of our modern-day phrases come from, and staging one of the Great Bard’s masterpieces ourselves! As we do this, we’re exploring how speech punctuation can help narrative writing, but hinder a play script. As we follow and write stage directions, we’re exploring the use of adverbs and brackets, and learning how to develop character with nothing but dialogue.

Things to remember:

Homework diaries every day
Swimming kit every Wednesday
PE kit every Thursday
Homework is given on Fridays (due back on Tuesdays) and Mondays (due back on Thursdays)
Reading books when you have finished them – this should be at least every couple of weeks.

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